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Create the perfect audiovisual racing experience in your own home with the Playseat® TV Stand. It's fully adjustable so you always feel up for owning the entire track. What's the set-up that will set you up to win? Race your way! Look up, down, right, left. If all you see and feel is racing, then you’re enjoying proper thrill-a-second action on a Playseat® TV Stand XL - Multi set-up. With this special stand, you can focus on the full front view and also see who you’re passing on left and right like they’re standing still. To top it off, you can even have a screen above you for real-time stats showing off your total track domination. That’s 1 to 4 screens of the most realistic sim racing experience you can dream up while still being at home. If you're going to feel like you're actually IN the race, that's going to require quite a personalized set-up. Fortunately, you can adjust the Playseat® TV Stand XL - Multi fully so it will feel as real as real can be. Bring the TVs or monitors close or keep them at a slight distance. You're a future champion so make it your own.

  • The perfect addition to any Playseat® sim chair model
  • Equipped to mount up to 4 screens
  • It's suitable for either TVs or monitors
  • It's fully adjustable in both height and distance
  • Item dimensions: 167.5x202.5x60cm / 65.94x79.72x23.62 inches
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